Ice near volcano.

When I visited the Mount Iō in Hokkaido, Japan earlier this year I discovered an interesting phenomena. The area as you can see has evidence of a volcanic activity,  there is hot bubbling water, steaming holes and yellow sulfur everywhere. ice_mt_io_japan_1

Since it was in February, snow was covering the mountain, and what I saw at the foot of the volcano was very surprising to me. On the ground peaking through the fallen snow I saw strange icicles that were curvy and had little rocks on top. Sometimes they would be as long as 10 cm (4″).


I could easily separate them individually or in chunks. To give you a scale here is a photo of this ice in my hand.


It almost looked as the ice was growing like white transparent grass! When I walked on it – it would crunch under my weight. This is actually how I noticed it, as it felt very different then a regular rocky ground.

If you know this beautiful phenomena and can explain it, please comment to this post! At the moment I am working on a project called Frozen Waters, exploring environment, climate change though snow and ice, so this will help my research.




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