Städel Museum landscapes, Frankfurt

During my short trip to Frankfurt I had few hours to spend on a visit of Städel Museum. There was a special exhibition Schwarze Romantic (Dark Romantic) where I could not take pictures for you unfortunately, but I would like to say that that was a very nice show, where I have discovered Victor Hugo as an amazing artist, very encouraging for me, as he mainly worked with water media (ink)! Mr. Hugo did not consider himself as an artist, so he felt free to experiment with different textures and styles, which led him to create a lot of successful drawings.   

Städel is a very large museum separated on 3 main areas: Old master paintings, Modern Art and Contemporary Art. I went around all of the shows and put together a photo show of Städel landscapes. I hope you enjoy.

This image above is a work of Vincent Van Gogh, he was about my age when he painted it. Very different in my opinion style, I would not guess that this is him. Please see more  works in this gallery:

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