Downtown Art Fair May 2014 review

This particular week of New York was packed with million shows, even though I was visiting different venues for 3 days in the row, I still covered just a tiny bit of all the events in the art world in the large megapolis.

My favorite show was Downtown fair:
It was wonderfully organized and presented a very high quality of works, without being overwhelming like for example the annual Armory Art Fair, on the Hudson piers.
Downtown fair reminded me a little of Art Miami, except that it was organized in the Armory Building instead of a tent.
Would it be for the color of my trousers or just that day’s mood, I would like to give you a review of “orange works” that I saw that day. Enjoy!



“The Boat Will Come III” 2002
by Paul Ching-Bor (my mentor, friend)
watercolor and collage, 41″x29″
at Eckert Fine Art gallery, NY


“Untitled”, 2013
by Beverly Fishman
Urethane paint on wood, 32″x32″x3″
at David Richard gallery

“Chance/Fall (11), 2010
by Richard Caldicott
C-Print, 50″x40”
at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, NY

“Red Sail”
by Alex Katz
aquatint, 10″x14.5″
at Richard Levy Gallery

“Around Orange”
by Jan Maarten Voskuil
acrylic on linen, 31″x24″x3.5″
at Peter Blake Gallery

“Kailash PF10, 2013
by Ricardo Mazal
oil on linen, 80″x84”
at Sundaram Tagore Gallery

“Samjeevani II”, 2008
by Sahan Qadri
ink and dye on paper
at Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Works by Doug & Mike Starn

“Untitled”, 2013
by Dario Escobar
mixografia, print on handmade paper, 34″x24.5″
at Mixorgafia

“Special Assortment”, 2014
by Peter Anton
Mixed Media, 21.5″x16″x4.5″
at Arcature Fine Art


“Stimulating Euphoria” , triptych #3, 2014
by Shuli Sade (we met her, lovely lady!)
archival pigment print, 60″x90″
at Cynthia Reeves

“Heartistic Call (Anagram)”, 1996
by Robert Rauschenberg
vegetable dye transfer on paper,
at Eckert Fine Art

“Composition 13-3″, 2012
by Liangong Feng”
oil on canvas, 79″x98″
at Cynthia Reeves


“Girl Straight Ahead”, 2013
by Kim McCarty
watercolor on Arches paper, 75″x44″
at David Klein Gallery, MI


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