Cats of Pinakothek de Moderne, Munich

Yesterday I had one spare hour in Munich, Germany, that I decided to spend on a visit of a Modern art museum with my friend. Pinakothek de Moderne is located in the center of the city very close to two other Pinakothek: Alte, Neue and few other museums. Note that on Sundays you can get a good deal – any ticket is just one euro. 

After few minutes of walking around the museum I have noticed that I see a lot of cats in the paintings, and thought that it is a funny coincidence. I love cats. So here you go: I AM REPRESENTING CATS OF PINAKOTHEK!




One thought on “Cats of Pinakothek de Moderne, Munich

  1. I like this cat-collection! But don’t forget Manet! It’s not easy to find the cat on the famous Munich picture – Breakfast in the Studio!

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