Printmaking studio in Salzburg. Lithography



After the opening of my solo show in Neuhauser Kunstmuhle Gallery in Salzburg, Austria, I was invited to work at the printmaking studio located on the first floor of the gallery in the old mill.
I worked with a fabulous printmaker Joe for 2 weeks. We were to make an edition of litho prints.


I was working with etchings for a few years at the Art Students League of NY, and studied a little on lithography, but never worked with a stone. It was a first experience for me and I truly enjoyed it.

Joe prepared a stone on which I started to make my drawings. Our goal was for me to try different techniques and approaches so I get more familiar with working on a stone. I have studied that 70% of litho stones are made in Austria. The surface is very smooth, the edges are nicely rigged. Feels good.

After the first stage, we printed the first proof. When 1st color was carefully selected, we decided that we would want to make an addition of 20. But of course, you need to remember that in order to have 20 prints you need to make a little more prints, as there are mistakes possible. I also brought with me few sheets of Japanese paper washi, on which we also made 4 prints.

The print we used was electrified, but the pressure had to be applied manually. I enjoyed watching the process of printing, somehow it made me think of older days, think of a master printers and artists. I am glad that this art survived.

The second print was also made with a blue color, but darker. The following was black. For a different shape of the print we decided that I need to use a different stone, because I did not need to use the shapes of the first stone. It was not easy to decide on colors, I work with watercolor and know how colors would overlap there, but with printmaking inks it was different. Joe was very helpful, He also knew how to mix colors so well. By adding transparency into the inks colors would be mixed easier.
I wanted to get very soft shapes on the print. Mixing colors well, would help.


There were stars on my print, since it was a cosmic image. Those stars would need to remain sharp till the end of the printing stages. This meant that registrations had to be exact. Joe introduced me to a system for this READ HERE.


When it got to the final stages, colors were very delicate and needed to be very light. But after using sandpaper through out the stages, stand would behave differently and all my drawings with litho-crayon would appear sharp. It is because the mastering of Joe we could get what was desired after trying and trying.

At last all the prints were ready and I just needed to sing and number them. They looked very nice together on the floor of the gallery.


Thank you Neuhauser Kunstmuhle, thank you Joe, for this amazing experience!





2 thoughts on “Printmaking studio in Salzburg. Lithography

  1. Ekaterina, You are an amazing woman! Keep up the good work and the enthusiasm, in this great journey of yours.

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